Allgood testifies at murder trial

A man charged with first-degree murder took the stand this morning in his own defense.

Defendant accused of killing ex-girlfriend

George Allgood covering his face as he enters court in Saskatoon. (David Shield/CBC)

A 49-year-old man charged with first-degree murder took the stand this morning in his own defence.

George Allgood is charged with murdering his ex-girlfriend Susan Reinhardt in 2006 as well as the attempted murder of David Ristow. Prosecutors allege Allgood fired a shotgun at the pair as they lay in bed in their Saskatoon home.

Most of Allgood's testimony this morning revolved around statements he made to undercover RCMP during what's called a "Mr. Big" operation, that's when officers pretend to be involved in organized crime to gain the trust of a suspect and get a confession.

In a videotaped confession, Allgood gave police a detailed account of how he shot Reinhardt and Ristow, then disposed of the weapon.

False confession

On the stand today, Allgood said the story he told RCMP was completely false, and he feared for his life if he said the wrong thing. 

I wanted to create the story that I was a stand-up guy.- George Allgood

At one point, an undercover officer told Allgood, 'You are nothing to me.' In court today, Allgood responded, "It sent a chill up my spine. When he said that to me, I was just terrified."

During cross examination, crown prosecutor Robin Ritter asked why Allgood would tell a false story. Allgood responded, "At the time, I wanted to create the story that I was a stand-up guy, a righteous guy that would do what I was told."

The trial wraps up later this week.