Two dramatically different pictures of George Allgood emerged in a Saskatoon courtroom this morning.

Allgood is charged with first degree murder in the July, 2006 killing of Susan Reinhardt. She was fatally shot while sleeping in her City Park home.

She had a son with Allgood.

Allgood was charged with her murder after claiming to undercover officers in a so-called "Mr. Big sting" that he shot her. The officers were pretending to be members of a criminal organization.

How Allgood came to make the claim to murder — and whether evidence corroborated that claim — is where prosecutor Robin Ritter and defence lawyer Morris Bodnar diverged.

"These are not the actions of an innocent man," Ritter said.

But Bodnar said Allgood was motivated to invent the murder claim because he feared for his life.

"His statement was a piece of garbage," Bodnar said.

Both lawyers spoke for about an hour each.

Justice Grant Currie reserved his decision until January 27.