Alleged apartment scammer facing new charges

A Saskatoon man charged with defrauding potential renters on Kijiji is facing a raft of new charges.

Saskatoon man accused of duping renters on Kijiji

Fraud charges continue to mount against Jason Hartlen. (CBC)

A Saskatoon man accused of allegedly scamming renters using the online service Kijiji is facing a host of fresh charges.

Jason Allan Hartlen, 33, came to court this morning charged with 18 counts of defrauding potential renters of thousands of dollars by taking damage deposits for an apartment that wasn't his to rent.

When he left court, the number of charges had jumped to 33 after police laid an additional 15 charges since his arrest last week in Regina.

According to police, the victims said they met with Hartlen, who claimed to be renting an apartment on Kingsmere Boulevard. He then allegedly defrauded the complainants of approximately $1,000 each after accepting damage deposits.

He appeared in court this morning for his bail hearing. But that got pushed back to Wednesday because he's not yet met with a Legal Aid lawyer. Crown prosecutors say the delay is due to the volume of material in the disclosure which has yet to be reviewed.

Hartlen will stay in custody until the bail hearing.