Alexander Levin pleads guilty in international child harbouring case

A Saskatoon man pleaded guilty to child harbouring in a case that spanned three continents.

Took daughter by his Brazilian mistress to the Phillipines

Alexander Levin (Facebook)

A Saskatoon man who left the daughter he fathered with his Brazilian mistress in the care of a Philippine seamstress he'd just met has pleaded guilty to child harbouring.

Alexander Levin, 47, read a rambling 79-page speech into the record at provincial court after pleading guilty.

Oziene Barbosa
The story began more than a year ago when Levin, married with a family in Saskatoon, met Oziene Barbosa online.

The pair struck up a relationship and Levin eventually travelled to Brazil where he fathered the little girl.

Travelling across three continents

Last year, Levin returned to Brazil and convinced Barbosa to travel with their daughter. From there, they travelled to Europe and ended up in Ukraine.

While there, Levin abandoned Barbosa and went to the Philippines with the little girl. He left her in the care of a seamstress he'd met and returned alone to his family in Saskatoon.

Barbosa went to the authorities. Levin was eventually arrested by Saskatoon police and charged. Barbosa was reunited with her daughter.

In court yesterday, Levin spoke for more than two hours. He commented on everything from the Canadian justice system to his views on Brazilians.

The Crown is asking for two years behind bars. The judge reserved his sentencing decision.