STARS Air Ambulance tried to land near Saskatoon's Royal University Hospital but had to turn around after the landing site was deemed unsafe. ((CBC))

STARS Air Ambulance will be sticking to a landing site outside of Saskatoon for now.

On Tuesday afternoon, a Stars helicopter tried to land on a grassy area by Royal University Hospital.

The patient was the victim of a vehicle rollover near Middle Lake and was in critical condition.

Pilots hoped to save time by landing as close to the hospital as possible.

But STARS Saskatchewan vice-president Ron Dufresne said the area just wasn't safe.

"After our pilot crew came in closer and had a look, they determined it would be more appropriate and safer to continue on to our regular landing site out east on College Ave," he said.

A permanent helipad will be in place once the new children's hospital is completed in 2016. STARS says that will dramatically cut down on the time needed to transfer patients from the helicopter to the hospital.

The rollover victim died from her injuries.