A judge in Saskatoon has given David Woods until next month to find a new lawyer. 

Woods was in court this morning.

Today was supposed to be the start of his first-degree murder trial. Woods, however, recently fired his lawyer and so the trial could not proceed. 

Woods is charged with killing his wife, Dorothy, two years ago. The Saskatoon daycare operator had gone missing from the couple's east-side home on November 12, 2011.

Her disappearance sparked a high-profile poster campaign and triggered volunteer searches across Western Canada. Her body was found in a culvert near Blackstrap Lake on January 2, 2012. David Woods was charged with killing her days later.

He's been is custody ever since.

Today, the judge urged Woods to hire a new lawyer as soon as possible. 

Woods is due back in court on October the 7th, 2013. The judge expects him to have a new lawyer then, with the larger goal of being able to set a new trial date.