A Saskatoon woman charged with the attempted murder of her six-year-old son has been granted bail until her trial.

The woman was arrested March 28, when police say they found her in the bathroom of her home with her son. Both had been stabbed in the abdomen, with the boy also suffering wounds to his neck.

At the time, police said they were responding to a child custody dispute.

On Tuesday, Judge Pat Carey released the woman on a number of conditions, including 24 hour house arrest, electronic monitoring, and that she not be allowed to contact her children or estranged husband.

The woman's lawyer said her family is happy with the decision.

"They were very pleased," said lawyer Richard Elson. "They also know that these conditions are extremely important and steps have been taken, not only by the courts but by my client's family, to do everything they can to ensure that these conditions are complied with."

Her next court appearance is on April 22.