Three men charged with the 2012 murder of a Saskatoon mother are going straight to trial.

The Crown filed direct indictments against Kyle Halbauer, Joshua Petrin and Randy O'Hagan. This means there will be no preliminary hearing, which is where it's typically decided whether there's enough evidence against an accused to stand trial.

Each man is charged with first-degree murder.

Santos died when she was shot answering her door to strangers. Police were initially stymied in their investigation by a lack of motive or suspects.

Police say they broke the case when links were made between the three accused and an Alberta white supremacist group, the White Boy Posse. Police said the group had been trying to make inroads into Saskatchewan, and that Santos had been shot accidentally when the men went to the wrong house. 

Randy O'Hagan faces two other first degree murder charges from two deaths in Alberta, while Halbauer faces another murder charge as well.

No dates have been set on the Santos murder trial.