There are no paintings hanging on the walls of the Remai Modern Gallery, yet. But with construction 90 per cent complete, Jeanna South can begin to picture how the facility will look. She is special projects manager with the City of Saskatoon.

"What we've just experienced is a building that is 90 per cent complete and you've seen yourself, it's absolutely stunning. It's definitely a national calibre art gallery," South said after leading a 90-minute tour of the building.

The Remai will not only serve as a modern art gallery but a place for the community to gather. There will be restaurants, a roof-top patio, a concourse connecting to the Persephone Theatre and a dedicated space where kids can take art classes. 

"It is a space that's very much for the community and all of these great things our local community and residents can use in this space," explained South.

The construction phase of the project is slated for completion this October. It will then take several months to move the gallery's collection of more than 8,000 works into the building.

The gallery is expected to open to the community in early 2017 at a cost of $84.6 million.