'911 bandit' taunts police

Police say a man with a pre-paid cellphone is making multiple prank calls on the 911 emergency line.

Multiple prank calls started Tuesday

Police call him the '911 bandit' and he's giving emergency operators a major headache.

A man they say is "apparently under the influence of an intoxicant" started making calls to the 911 emergency line on Tuesday.

"He is calling from a pre-paid cell phone so we are having difficulty locating him. Apparently he is not in distress but keeps calling," said Alyson Edwards with the Saskatoon Police Service.

"We have had numerous calls."

Edwards says the calls tie up resources in the call centre because operators must first assess whether it's an actual emergency, and then try to nail down a location.

The man is not claiming an emergency, and will not give a location. He just keeps calling 911.

Edwards says police thought they had him yesterday -- but came up empty handed.

"That's because he was giving partial information but not enough to know an exact location. The officers were attending to a residence that sounded similar but it wasn't the correct address," she said.


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