8 tips to avoid spring snowmelt flooding in Saskatoon

The city is offering tips to help keep basements as the spring melt arrives.

Precautions to keep basements dry

The city is offering tips to make sure this isn't your front yard. (CBC)

The city is offering a variety of tips to help people keep their basements dry in the event that warmer temperatures bring a fast melt of snow.

Crews are already out defrosting catch basins and clearing gutters for improved drainage.

Homeowners should consider taking the following measures.

  • Remove snow from around your foundation. Pay special attention to window wells.
  • Most lots drain along the outside edges, so remove snow from there. 
  • Keep the snow in your yard. Shovelling onto streets can block drains.
  • Help keep catch basins clear.
  • Clear snow away from your downspouts, to keep it away from the foundation.
  • Check your roof and eavestroughs for excess snow. Hire a pro to clean them, or use a snow rake.
  • Consider sandbagging to keep water away from the low points near the foundation.
  • If water does start to rise, use an approved pump to clear it away from the foundation.

The city is also cautioning about potholes full of water.

Drivers are urged to slow down when approaching the mini-lakes because there is no way to know the depth of the pothole.