8,000 millionaires call Saskatchewan home

Of the 8,000 millionaires who live in Saskatchewan, half live in Saskatoon, 31% live in Regina, and 19% live elsewhere in the province.

Half live in Saskatoon, according to wealth tracking firm

Oil and gas is the leading industry in which Saskatchewan's richest people made their fortunes.

A million dollars may not buy what it used to buy.

But wealth tracking firm, WealthInsight, says a growing number of millionaires now reside in Saskatchewan.

It says statistics from 2013 show eight thousand 'high net worth individuals" live in the province. Of those, half live in Saskatoon. 31 per cent live in Regina, and the rest are spread across the province.

WealthInsight says the number of millionaires in Saskatchewan grew 2 per cent between 2007 and 2012. In Manitoba, the number of millionaires increased 21% during the same period.