Julia Norheim and Robert Calhoun are crowned Prom King and Queen at Preston Park II Retirement Residence in Saskatoon. (Kathy Fitzpatrick/CBC )

Some seventy years ago, as the world was caught up in war, many graduates missed out on one of the seminal ceremonies from school days: a prom.

A Saskatoon senior's home organized an event Tuesday night to set things right.

A high school prom, complete with music was held at the Preston Park Retirement Residences.

"I joined the British Air Force when I was 16," Terry England explained. "[We were] supposed to be 18, but I lied about my age. So, didn't get a prom."

Prom nights, including supper menus reminiscent of the day, are being organized for all 19 residences chain of residents run by All Seniors Care.

The Saskatoon proms were Tuesday night.

A prom is set for the College Park Retirement Residence in Regina later this week.