Along with wearing red and white clothing emblazoned with maple leaves, Canada Day revellers will be enjoying the day by setting off fireworks. But there are a few rules to follow in order to have fun.

Low-hazard fireworks are allowed to be set off in Saskatoon on private property between dusk and 11 p.m. These fireworks include Roman candles, sparklers, fountains, wheels, volcanoes, mines and snakes that don't travel higher than 60 feet. High-hazard fireworks are designed for professionals and can only be purchased by someone with a fireworks supervisor card issued by Natural Resources Canada.

In the City of Regina, it's prohibited to set off firecrackers or fireworks within the city limits. The fine is $300.

10 tips to firing off fireworks

  1. Choose the location wisely. Find a clear area with no overhead obstructions and at a safe distance from spectators. You're responsible for any debris that may land on your spectators or another property.
  2. Carefully read and follow the instructions on the labels.
  3. Make sure it isn't windy when you're ready to detonate the fireworks.
  4. Make sure everyone under 18-years-old is supervised by an adult.
  5. Always light the fuse at its tip.
  6. Never light or hold a firework after it's been lit in your hand. The only exception are sparklers.
  7. Be extremely careful when shooting fireworks. Their debris and smouldering embers could cause injuries, property damage and fires.
  8. Wait at least 30-minutes before cleaning up. Dispose of fireworks and debris in a pail of water.
  9. Never attempt to re-light or fix the fuse of fireworks that didn't go off.
  10. Be safe and have fun.

Source: Saskatoon Fire and Protective Services

A fireworks permit is required if you'd like to hold a high-hazard fireworks show, detonate low-hazard fireworks on public property or hold a fireworks display outside of the designated times. For more information contact fire marshal Wayne Rodger at 306-975-2578, or visit for more fireworks information.