10 people now in custody in connection with shootings

Saskatoon police identified a fourth victim in a Tuesday night shooting.

Search warrant documents give fresh details

Police cordoned off this house on Avenue F South, after a shooting Tuesday evening that injured at least three men.

Ten people are now in custody in connection with a series of shootings Tuesday night in Saskatoon.

Four men are confirmed to have been shot with either small calibre handguns or rifles, and shotguns. The first staggered to a gas station on 20th Street West and Avenue H at 8 p.m. CST Tuesday night, The fourth man turned up at St. Paul's Hospital 18 hours later on Wednesday afternoon. 

Search warrant documents obtained by CBC give a sense of the violence that exploded inside the house at 227 Avenue F South.

"They confirmed blood was observed inside"

The documents tell how officers who interviewed the first victim at the FasGas station determined he had come from a house behind the White Buffalo Youth Lodge. He was searched and found to be carrying two unlabelled pill bottles filled with a large number of unknown pills.

Officers already knew of suspicious activity at a house behind the White Buffalo. They went there -- 227 Avenue F South -- and noticed blood inside the door.

They went into the house.

"While clearing the residence, he observed blood all over the main floor, from the front to the back," the warrant said.

"The home was quite messy and the rear entrance appeared to be barricaded with a stick. While in the back yard, he observed some chairs, clothing band what appeared to be blood on the ground."

The first wave of arrests happened Wednesday night

Three men and two girls were arrested in a taxi near a house on the 100 block of Avenue O South at about 11 p.m. CST. They were caught with a sawed-off shotgun, cocaine and a fake handgun. They face 51 firearm and drug related charges. 

Police arrested two men from Saskatoon, aged 24 and 25, and a 34-year-old Regina man. Two 16-year-old Saskatoon girls are also facing charges. 

They were arrested by the police gang unit. Investigators are now saying the shootings Tuesday night are gang related.

"We believe that they are connected, although none of them have been charged in direct relation to the shootings earlier this week," Saskatoon police spokesperson Alyson Edwards said.

And then, police arrested another three men and two women on Thursday afternoon. City police and RCMP pulled over a car near the Borden Bridge on the Yellowhead Highway northwest of Saskatoon.

A knife was found outside the car during the stop. Charges are pending, but police say the individuals are connected to Tuesday's shootings.

The investigation is ongoing.