A shirt with a humourous message was displayed as a limited editon item at a Saskatchewan Roughriders store. (CBC )

A limited edition T-shirt, poking fun at a recent mix-up involving a video of a yule log fire at Regina's Mosaic Stadium, has been spotted at a Saskatchewan Roughriders merchandise store.

The shirt says "I survived the great fire of 2012 at Mosaic Stadium."

Of course, there was no fire — just video images of flames in a fireplace, a cheery image to note the season. The yule log scene was displayed on a giant TV screen in a corner of the football field and on banner video screens underneath the stadium's seating areas.

At night, and from a distance, the images prompted a few calls to the local fire department.

Officials were worried about sending resources to false alarms so the video segment was snuffed out by the club and replaced with a simple Season's Greetings message.

The light-hearted T-shirt was spotted at a Rider store on Wednesday.

It was on a rack as a limited edition product although CBC News learned later on Wednesday that only one shirt was produced, and was put on display to show the organization had a sense of humour about the video mix-up.


At night, the image of flames on video screens may have been mistaken for a fire at Mosaic Stadium. (CBC)

The Roughriders have been noted, in recent years, as highly successful at promoting their brand and selling merchandise related to the team. The club is tops in the CFL for merchandising sales and revenues.