If you've ever been to a Regina Pats game or a sporting event at the Brandt Centre, you've probably met Yuki the cat. 

"We think of him as one of our staff. He just likes to collect his own pay cheque," said Gordon Clarke, a Brandt Centre employee. 

Yuki initially belonged to a former employee of the centre, and when his landlord developed allergies he had to get rid of the 14-year-old cat. 

So he brought him to the Brandt Centre.

Everybody fell in love with the cat, and for the past two years the Brandt Centre has been Yuki's home. 


Yuki has called the Brandt Centre home for two years.

"Yuki has the run of the place when no one is here. Often we have him locked up if there is a lot of activity so that he doesn't get scared or hurt," Gordon said. 

"We don't know what he does in the dark, but certainly during the day when people are around he keeps a low profile, unless he wants scratches or treats, which he gets too many of."

Jokingly, Gordon said Yuki needs to go on a diet.

"Everybody that does the functional side of the Pats game loves him and brings him treats."

They even given him pizza and mini dougnuts, which has made Yuki very fond of Pats games. 

When he's not enjoying the excitement on the ice, Gordon said that Yuki makes sure the sports centre is kept mouse-free.