A new project aimed at improving social skills among youngsters is getting a test run at two Regina schools.

A Million Acts of Friendship, created by Janice Taylor, shows children the value of being kind.

"We really want children to focus on friendship acts, things that they do within school to earn rewards and badges," Taylor said.

Ruth M. Buck school in Regina is one of the schools running the program.

Teacher Cambri Haase says her students have been eager participants.

"It kind of gives them the skills in their life so they can interact with people," Haase told CBC News. "We talk a lot about that you're not going to always get along with everyone 100 per cent, but we need to use our skills and use our friendliness and things like that so that everyone feels like that they belong and that there aren't any issues."

The friendship project is set to include schools across Canada in the fall.

With files from CBC's Sabeen Ahmad