The dream of winning a lottery is something many people contemplate, but if you held a winning ticket — for a substantial sum — would you rush to cash it in?

According to officials with the Western Canada Lottery Corporation, there is a winning lotto ticket — sold in Saskatoon two weeks ago — that has yet to be claimed.

That winner stands to receive $14.8 million and Andrea Marantz, from the lottery corporation, says people want to know who won.

"People are interested," Marantz said Thursday. "They want to know that people are winning. They want to see who those winners are and say, 'Oh that's somebody from my community. They're just like me.'"

While the lucky winner has one year from the draw date to claim the prize, there are times when people have purposely chosen to delay cashing-in.

Marantz recalled a young man who won big a few years ago.

"He talked it over with his dad and he got a lawyer, and he talked to a financial advisor and he got everything figured out before he stepped forward," Marantz said. "And as he said, 'I just didn't want to blow it.'"