Our iTeam exclusive has raised some important questions about handwashing, especially considering some of these shocking numbers:

  • 95% of health care workers at Broadview Union Hospital don't wash their hands. 
  • 94% of staff at Regina General Hospital's Labour and Birth unit are not washing their hands.
  • 100% of staff in the day surgery unit at Pasqua Hospital didn't wash their hands.
  • 68% of the staff at the Pasqua didn't wash their hands in February.

Michael Gardam, director of infection, prevention and control at Toronto's University Health Network, told CBC Saskatchewan's Morning Edition host Sheila Coles patients often do not feel they can stand up for themselves.

"I have seen patients get screamed at by health care providers," Gardam said. "I've seen patients be told, 'Don't come back to my clinic. How dare you challenge me.'"