Highway 22 between Southey and Earl Grey has been called one of Saskatchewan's worst roadways. (Google Street View)

A stretch of highway that has been named Saskatchewan's Worst Road by the Canadian Automobile Association will be getting some upgrades.

In April of this year, Highway 22 near the Village of Earl Grey got the most votes in the CAA annual contest, and another stretch of Highway 22 near Southey got the second most votes.

For a road to be in the running for the "worst" in the contest, it most be in a state of disrepair with potholes, cracks and crumbling sections.

A press release from the communities along Highway 22 said the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure will invest to rebuild the highway within the next two years.

"Without their contest (Sask. CAA), the condition of Highway 22 would have gone unnoticed and would have continued to be a nightmare for area residents and the local economy," said the press release.

"Area residents are aware of the Ministry of Highway's struggle to maintain and repair the thousands of kilometres of road in the province, however, we are very thankful that they have committed to repairing and repaving Highway 22."

Highway 22 from the number 6 Highway to the Richardson Pioneer Grain Inland Terminal will be repaired within the next year, while the stretch between Richardson Pioneer Grain Inland Terminal to Earl Grey will be repaired between 2013 and 2014. 

The ministry will review the part of the highway from Earl Grey to the number 20 Junction at a later date.

Highway 22 is located about 70 kilometres north of Regina.