Worker who died at mine was engaged, fiancée expecting

The 25-year-old man who died while working at the Vanscoy Potash Mine near Saskatoon was engaged to be married and his fiancée is expecting.
Andrew Hann died in a workplace accident at the Vanscoy Potash mine. (Online obituary/

The 25-year-old man who died while working at the Agrium Potash Mine near Vanscoy, Sask., west of Saskatoon was engaged to be married and his fiancée is expecting.

Andrew Hann, who is from Newfoundland, was working on scaffolding at the mine site and fell about 20 metres.

A funeral is set for Saturday, in Newfoundland.

Hann's death is under investigation.

An official with the Saskatchewan government's labour relations ministry said workplace safety, especially in the prevention of falls, is a priority for the ministry.

Ray Anthony said the work environment in a mine can be dangerous.

"Human beings are very frail things when it comes to the size of the equipment they are using on these large projects," Anthony told CBC News. "Precautions have to be taken in accordance with the act and regulations."

Anthony said fall protection is vital.

"Falls from height are one of the most common types of serious injuries we see," he said. "And they are avoidable. If guard rails are in place, if proper fall protection is used, these things can be avoided."

Investigators on the case will send their findings to the Ministry of Justice, for review. The process can take several months.