There have been a few false starts, but it looks like work is finally underway at the Capital Pointe site.

That's the hotel and condo development that's going up at the key Regina intersection of Albert Street and Victoria Avenue.

Capital Pointe development

The developers says the project will include a 26-storey condominium building and a 12-storey hotel. (Capital Pointe)

Work was originally supposed to begin shortly after the Plains Hotel was torn down in 2011. Ownership of the project changed hands and there was little action on the site for years. 

However, crews were digging up earth Thursday. The new completion date is 2018.

Attending a groundbreaking ceremony Thursday were officials from Fortress Real Developments, the company that owns and has financed the project; and ITC, the construction company that's building the project.

The 26-storey condominium part of the project will be the tallest building in Regina. Included in the project is a 12-storey hotel.