Leanne Severight seen at an earlier court appearance, was sentenced to 2 years for assaulting a police officer. ((CBC))

A Saskatoon woman, shot by police and then convicted of assaulting an officer, has been sentenced to two years in prison.

Leanne Severight was carrying knives during her encounter with officers in December of 2007.

She was shot in the chest and survived.

The trial on assault charges wrapped up in June, with a decision from the judge in August.

On Tuesday, during sentencing, the judge told Severight that, despite being wounded in the shooting, she was "not the victim" in the case.

The total sentence was 28 months in prison but Severight was given credit for four months already served.

"It's not what I had hoped for," Nick Stooshinoff, Severight's defence lawyer, said after court proceedings. "It's not what I thought the judge might do under these particular circumstances. In fact it's much the opposite from what I had been looking forward to."

Stooshinoff sought time served and a lengthy probation.

The judge did not order any probation to follow the sentence.

However, Severight is prohibited from possessing weapons for 10 years.

During the trial, the defence painted a picture of a distraught Severight trying to commit suicide by police, arguing Severight posed no real threat.

The Crown prosecutor countered that Severight was angry, erratic and that officers were frightened.

Severight was reported as being 37-years-old at the time of the trial.