Police say they now consider the mysterious disappearance of a Saskatchewan woman suspicious and have begun using cadaver-sniffing dogs in their search.

Carol King, 40, was last seen Aug. 6 in Herschel, Sask, about 150 kilometres southwest of Saskatoon.

A friend said she was heading to Rosetown to give a statement to police about being harassed.

RCMP say that since Friday, they have been using cadaver dogs in the search around King's home, as well as the slough where her submerged PT Cruiser was found.


Carol King has been missing since Aug. 6 (CBC)

The dogs are from the Calgary Police Service, and police say the animals are capable of detecting a body even if it has been buried.

King moved to Saskatchewan about three years ago, but she was in constant contact with her family back in Newfoundland.

RCMP say they don't believe King disappeared on her own accord. Air and ground searches, including ones with RCMP dogs, have failed to locate King.

RCMP say they are still receiving tips in the case.