Winter cycling

Winter cycling is becoming more common around the country. Bike Regina wants the city to do more so people can use bike lanes and paths throughout the winter. (Radio-Canada)

Warmer weather means more cycling enthusiasts are out — but some are also looking ahead to the next winter.

Winter cyclists still represent a minority of riders, but it's a growing movement.

A group called Bike Regina wants the city to reclassify on-street cycling routes as "priority 1" when it comes to street sweeping and snow removal.

Cyclists say in the winter, many bike lanes and paths are filled with snow.

Mike Berry, a cyclist and member of the city's environmental advisory committee, says trying to ride a bike around Wascana Lake in the wintertime can be a futile exercise.

"You may be able to get to a certain spot and then you're done — you have to get off your bike," he said.

Cyclists dismount

Bike Regina is concerned that "cyclists dismount" signs, like this one found at the Broad Street underpass, discourage people from using bicycles. (Bike Regina)

The city says it will look into improving snow removal on bike lanes and paths as it develops a new transportation master plan.

'Cyclists dismount' signs raised as concern

Meanwhile, Bike Regina is also asking the city to stop putting up signs telling people to dismount from their bikes.

"Cyclists dismount" signs have been put up in a number of spots, including at the Broad Street underpass.

It says the signs discourage cycling and should be used only when people are doing things contrary to Regina's Traffic bylaw.