Winnipeg Christmas tree set at City Hall

Winnipeg donated Christmas tree arrived at City Hall Sunday morning, measuring 12 meters in height.

Winnipeg's traditional donated Christmas tree arrived at City Hall Sunday morning, measuring 12 meters in height.  

In October the city asked people to submit their trees for consideration, because none of the trees officials had inspected up to that point met the criteria. 

This year's tree was picked from 270 candidates, and comes from Guy Sever's yard on Stalker Bay. 

The 35-year-old Colorado Blue Spruce's 45 centimetre trunk was positioned at 510 Main Street by crane on Sunday. 

"I’ve been thinking about donating the tree for a couple years because it has grown to cover nearly half of our front yard,” said Sever. “It is such a large tree and really part of the neighbourhood, so I also wanted to ask how my neighbours and daughters felt about having it removed."

"Everyone was very excited to know that it could be the City Hall Christmas tree and supported the decision to submit it for consideration this year. We are looking forward to visiting City Hall and being able to say ‘That’s our tree!’,” he continued. 

A crew from the city's urban forestry branch will spend several days decorating the tree with more than 9,000 multicoloured LED lights. 

“This is a really beautiful tree,” said Martha Barwinsky, the city's forester. “It is one of the bluest ones we've had at City Hall in recent memory. This tree is going to look wonderful when lit up.”

The ceremonial lighting of the tree will take place on Nov.15 at 5:45 p.m. 


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