The gale force winds that tore through Saskatchewan Wednesday left many with major clean up work to tend to, including the owner of a hotel in Foam Lake where the roof of the building was shorn off.

Owner Darcy McLean said Thursday he knew something was up as he was driving back home Wednesday.

skpic roof of hotel in Foam Lake

That's not an overhang, that's the roof from the adjacent building. (Courtesy Darcy McLean)

"As I'm driving there there's all this pink insulation blowing at me," he said. "And I'm like, where is this all coming from? Then I could see part of the roof ... on top of my other roof."

The roof of the hotel, a taller building, was sitting atop the roof of McLean's adjacent tavern.

He said no one was hurt, but the people inside the bar didn't know what to think of the noise.

"They thought tornado, hurricane?" McLean said. "They had no idea. [Maybe] something had fallen on the roof, like a tree. But they knew, from the loud nature that knew it was something much bigger than that. "

The winds subsided overnight.

Foam Lake is about 200 kilometres northeast of Regina.

According to Environment Canada, Wednesday's winds were around 70 km/h with gusts to over 100 km/h.

skpic more foam lake hotel roof

More damage from the wind, which ripped the roof off the hotel in Foam Lake. (Courtesy Darcy McLean)