With wind chill warnings across the province, Parkland Ambulance, in Prince Albert, is advising people to take extra precaution if they're going to spend some time outdoors on Sunday.

Environment Canada's website shows wind chill warnings in all of Saskatchewan, except the extreme southern regions.

In Regina temperatures have dipped down to -28 C, which feels more like -42 C with the wind chill, in Saskatoon it's -29 C, feeling like -40 C with the wind chill, and in Prince Albert it's -28 C reaching -41 C with the wind chill.

If people are outside in these weather conditions frostbite on exposed skin may occur in less than 10 minutes, according to Environment Canada.

Parkland Ambulance is reminding people to dress warmly to protect skin against the cold or to simply stay indoors.

People should also bring their pets inside when temperatures dip this low.

Parkland Ambulance has some tips to help prepare travellers before they hit the road:

  •  Make sure you have extra blankets, winter safety kit, first aid kit and shovel in your vehicle
  • If your vehicle breaks down, stay in the car, and do not try to walk for help
  • Signal for help or use your cell phone to call or text for help
  • Let others know when you are planning to arrive so if your car breaks down they know where to search for you

Parkland Ambulance says chimneys or vent stacks could also become frozen over, which may lead to carbon monoxide exposure.

They suggest everyone make sure they have working CO detectors, and to be familiar with signs of exposure.