Fire rages through a stand of trees in the Lloydminister area. (Jerry Walter)

A wildfire north of Lloydminster, the border community, has led to a local declaration of a state of emergency.

The rural municipality of Frenchman Butte has been on alert since Sunday, due to fire.

Volunteer crews have been working around the clock to keep the blaze away from populated areas and property.

Barbara Mills-Midgley, the reeve of the RM, said Tuesday that the size of the fire is a concern.

"People are very worried," she said. "This is a huge fire and with the winds we've had the last two days, [it's] capable of doing lots of damage."

There were no reports of anyone having to leave their homes.

The fire has been burning through pasture land in the area.

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"It's an area that you can't drive [to]

," Mills-Midgley explained. "It's in pasture land. That's trees and places where there are no roads."

The volunteers have come from Onion Lake and Paradise Hill, two of the communities in the area.