arran, saskatchewanSantos Nunez disappeared north of Arran, in east-central Saskatchewan near the Manitoba-Saskatchewan border.

The wife of the foreign tourist who disappeared in Saskatchewan for several days before turning up in a farmer's field in Manitoba walked out of a courtroom Tuesday free to go home.

With Leonarda Bonilla de Nunez in Winnipeg was her husband Santos, the man at the centre of the bizarre missing person case.  

On Monday, a rancher from the Swan River, Man. area, Scott Tibble, described how he and a neighbour were driving around east-central Saskatchewan on Sept. 11 with Santos, who with his wife was visiting from the Dominican Republic.

At one point, while the group was near Arran, Sask., Santos, 50, complained about stomach pains. A little later, he climbed through a window and jumped out of the moving pickup.

Then he ran into the bush, leaving his host baffled.

Police searched the area on foot and by air, but didn't find anything.

The RCMP said he was carrying about $700, may have been trying to get away from the people in the truck and might not want to be found.

Tibble said he has no idea why Santos fled. He and his wife had met Santos and his wife on a February trip to the Dominican Republic and became fast friends.

When Santos turned up four days later in a field near Thunder Hill, Man., he was dehydrated and needed to be hospitalized.

He was briefly detained by customs officials and then released.

The Canada Border Services Agency said he had a visitor's visa and was not in violation of any immigration rules.

On Tuesday, it was his wife's turn to deal with federal officials.

Immigration officials ruled that Bonilla de Nunez had enough family support and money to warrant being released.

It's not known where the couple is headed now.