Police in Regina distributed a questionnaire in their probe of a triple homicide. ((CBC))

Police in Regina are asking people in a north end neighbourhood to fill in a detailed questionnaire about a recent triple homicide.

"Do you know who murdered those people?" is one of the questions on the form, which CBC News has been told was distributed just one day after the decomposing bodies of two adults and a child were discovered in a townhouse on Oakview Drive Aug. 6.

It took authorities four days to positively identify the victims and police are refusing to say how the family was killed, except to rule out gunfire.

People who received the questionnaire say they were asked to provide their answers by Sunday.

Mandy Smith said she took several days to review the questions.

"Some of them were blunt: 'What do you know about what happened?' or 'What do you know about the murder?'" Smith said.

She noted that police were posing the questions even before investigators determined the deaths were homicide-related.

"No one had been calling it officially a murder a day after it happened, and that's what the first question was," Smith said.

Smith said police officers have been in the neighbourhood several times talking to people who have not yet completed the forms.

Despite that, police claim participation is voluntary.

During a news conference on Tuesday, Regina police chief Troy Hagen said investigators were focused on the city and were not linking the deaths to the family's ethnic background.

Gray Nay Htoo, 31, Maw Maw, 28, and their three-year-old son Seven June Htoo were Karen refugees from Burma, also known as Myanmar.