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Who is more aggressive behind the wheel: car driver or truck driver?

There are more pickup trucks than ever on the roads in Saskatchewan and there is a perception that those drivers are too aggressive.
Are truck drivers more aggressive? Adam Hunter reports. 1:51

There are more pickup trucks than ever on the roads in Saskatchewan and there is a perception that those drivers are too aggressive.

For some, the perception comes from the sheer size of some trucks.

"Bigger trucks, bigger size of the vehicle [and] machoism on the road," observed one motorist, Stacy Lynn, who shared some thoughts on pickup trucks with CBC News Tuesday. "You get the guys with the big trucks and the females with the big trucks. So the bigger the vehicle they think they own the road."

Even owners of pickup trucks, like Nolan Dzotell, have similar observations.

"I don't think everybody is like that," Dzotell said. "But there still is a majority of truck drivers that drive too aggressively."

Figures from Statistics Canada show that trucks, and other large vehicles (including vans and SUVs), accounted for 78 per cent of new vehicle sales in Saskatchewan in 2013. Passenger cars made up the other 22 per cent.

Saskatchewan's sales ratio was similar to that of Alberta. Across Canada, however, truck sales were around 57 per cent of new vehicles sold in 2013.

SGI, Saskatchewan auto insurance provider, keeps track of reported accidents.

According to data from 2012, trucks made up 21 per cent of all registered vehicles in Saskatchewan and accounted for 24 per cent of collisions.

The relationship between driver and machine has some wondering if observations about aggressive driving could be applied more broadly.

"It's no different than the guys driving the sports cars and motorbike weaving in and out," Russ Olson suggested to CBC News. "It's just nowadays nobody cares about the other people. It's all me, self-centred and no focus anymore."

No matter what one drives, Saskatchewan is set to increase fines for speeders and distracted drivers, on June 27.

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