A $14-million plan in Saskatoon to turn the area around a weir into a water park is stirring up debate.

The city's weir, used to control water levels in the South Saskatchewan River, has an 11-foot (3.4-metre) drop and some people believe it's dangerous because of the fast-moving water coming over the weir.

The Saskatoon Whitewater Park Proposal committee is proposing a park that would include facilities for rafting, tubing, canoeing, kayaking and swimming.

"Swimming right now isn't allowed in the river," said Kent Gray, one of the proponents of the plan. "We'd like to change that whole mindset and bring people back down to the river."

However, there are opponents to the plan, including those who are worried about increased traffic around their riverfront homes; others are worried the development could disturb wildlife.

The plan's proponents argue there are more benefits to wildlife than drawbacks.

They're holding meetings sponsored by the city to gather opinions until the end of the week.