A crack in the Diefenbaker Bridge in Prince Albert restricted traffic until repairs were made. (City of Prince Albert)

Some people in Prince Albert are expressing frustration about how Saskatoon has secured money for two bridges, while their city must make do with what they have.

Residents of Prince Albert and the area have been clamouring for a new bridge ever since a girder broke on the Diefenbaker Bridge almost three years ago.

"I understand that Saskatoon needs bridges, but I also feel we need one here, one bridge as compared to two," Marj Davidson, who lives in Prince Albert, told CBC News Tuesday. "They've had their fair share of bridges put in their city. We definitely need one here. It's the only way north of town."

Davidson is not alone in her view that Prince Albert is missing out, compared to Saskatoon.

"They're getting everything and Prince Albert is getting nothing," Tyson Moose said. "I've been here since I was twelve years old and it's basically been the same."

The province, however, says a new bridge is not needed in Prince Albert and it will keep on top of repairs of the Diefenbaker Bridge.

With files from CBC's Ryan Pilon