A record snowfall this winter has made getting around on sidewalks especially difficult for people in wheelchairs.

In Regina, members of a city committee on accessibility say the build up of snow is bad in all parts of the city especially in residential areas.

In some cases, they said, it is impossible to get around in a wheelchair and people are isolated in their homes.

For many the only option to get out is by using the city's paratransit bus service.

Even parts of Regina's downtown, where property owners are usually more vigilant about snow removal, have proven to be a challenge.

"There are still some businesses that don't clear the sidewalk," Richard Harmon, a member of the committee, said Wednesday. "And I mean clear the sidewalk down to the concrete because an inch or half inch of snow can stop a wheelchair dead."

One sidewalk, next to city hall, also caught the attention of the committee as needing attention.

The committee will be preparing a list of locations where access is difficult.

It is hoped city officials will use that as a guide to improve the clearing of snow and ice.

"Wherever there's a curb, there's build up," Jennifer Cohen, another committee members, observed. "And I wouldn't, as a disabled person who uses a wheelchair, wouldn't do it by myself at all. It's not safe because I could get stuck."

With files from CBC's Joana Draghici