A Saskatchewan human rights tribunal has ruled a former Regina man incited hatred against gays and lesbians and has ordered him to pay more than $17,000.

In 2002, four people filed complaints against Bill Whatcott and a group called the Christian Truth Activists.

They objected to pamphlets distributed in Regina and Saskatoon that referred to homosexual men as "sodomites" and called same-sex relationships "filthy".

One of the flyers said: "Sodomites are 430 times more likely to acquire AIDS and three times more likely to sexually abuse children!"

Brendan Wallace, one of the complainants, testified in 2002 he was angry and fearful as a result of receiving the material at his home.


Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission Tribunal:

Wallace et al vs. Whatcott

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"Initially he thought it was a personal attack on his partner and himself," the tribunal decision said. "He related some of his life experiences as a gay man and wondered how others would react, including members of his own family."

Whatcott has been ordered to pay $17,500 to Wallace and the three other complainants for hurt feelings and loss of dignity and self-respect.

And the tribunal has ruled that Whatcott and his group can no longer distribute material that promotes hatred against people because of their sexual orientation.

On Thursday, Wallace said he was pleased the tribunal agreed spreading this kind of material is wrong, but he doubts Whatcott's group will stop.

"Only two weeks ago, we received some similar hate mail distributed to our house from the same man and the same group," he said.

Whatcott could not be reached for comment.