It's Fashion Week in Saskatchewan and to some that means pricey creations straight from the runways of Paris.

But not necessarily.

A crack team of Saskatchewan fashion mavens (OK, it was CBC's Geraldine Carriere and her pal Chasity Delorme) scoured Regina's thrift shops to prove that haute couture and shoe-string budgets can go hand in hand.

Here's are the places Delorme and Carriere checked out:

  • Salvation Army, 2735 5th Ave.
  • Salvation Army, 1845 Osler St.
  • Value Village, 1230 Broad St.
  • Anything Goes, 1940 McIntyre St.
  • Rhoda's Elegance Again, 3839 Albert St.

(Got a favourite cheap fashion tip? Share it in the comments below.)

Sunglasses: $3
(Value Village)
Scarf: $4
(Value Village)
Necklace: 50¢
(Anything Goes)
Top: 50¢
(Anything Goes)
Jacket: 50¢
(Anything Goes)
Skirt: $6
(Salvation Army)
Shoes: 50¢
(Anything Goes)
Total Cost:
Model: Chasity Delorme