Saturday soups served monthly by Westminster United Church

The Westminster United Church is planning to hold a soup kitchen on one Saturday every month.

Board chair wanted to help fill a 'gap day'

The Westminster United Church plans to hold a soup kitchen on one Saturday every month. (Getty Images/Blend Images)

The Westminster United Church hosted its second soup kitchen on Saturday.

It was a cold day and it got off to a slow start. 

"We never really know quite how many people to expect," said Dan Hunt, council chair. 

Hunt understands, saying it is better to stay in a warm place than to venture out into the cold. There will be another soup kitchen.

"Word is getting around," he said. 

It has been getting around, primarily by word of mouth, but there have also been notices posted around the city at places which offer food programs, such as Carmichael Outreach. 

Westminster's chosen day is Saturday. Hunt said other food programs are there for people to utilize, but to him, Saturday seemed like a "gap day." 

"We've seen that there is a need in the community," he said. 

The people who volunteer their time in the kitchen help in any way they can, usually by bringing an ingredient to add to the hearty soup.

"If we can do that, even once a month, and fill a gap and feed some people who are hungry, then that's a good thing to do."

December's kitchen served up bowls of hamburger soup, with a big pot of chicken soup ready if they ran out of the beef. The soup kitchen is their way of giving back to the community.

January's date has not yet been set.

Westminster United Church is located at 3025 13th Ave. The soup kitchen is located in the basement and can be accessed through the side entrance of the church.

With files from Joelle Seal