The City of Regina is not monitoring if truckers are respecting a weight limit set for an old bridge on Victoria Avenue East, one of the most-travelled routes in the city.

Even though weight restrictions and a detour have been in place for a week, many large trucks can be seen using the bridge at Victoria Avenue and Coleman Crescent.

'It's not like the bridge is in danger of immediate collapse.' —Brad Walter, Senior Engineer

According to the city, it is impossible to know which trucks on the bridge are too heavy and which are simply empty, making them light enough to meet the weight requirements.

"There's still trucks passing over it, but if those trucks are empty or are not fully loaded they could potentially be underneath the maximum weight that's posted on it," Brad Walter, a senior engineer in the city's roadways preservation branch, told CBC News Wednesday. "Right now it's up to the Regina Police Service to enforce it."

According to Walter, a weight analysis was recently done on the bridge to determine if the structure was safe for commercial traffic and the result of that study was a weight restriction, imposed one week ago.

While Walter said there has been a significant reduction in the amount of truck traffic over the bridge, he could not provide specific numbers that led to that opinion.

"We did have some people go out there for informal counts," he said.

According to the City of Regina's traffic flow map, the number of vehicles using Victoria Avenue East at Coleman Crescent reveal it to be one of the most-travelled routes in the city.

Coming into the city, there is an average daily count of 35,100 vehicles at that point on Victoria Avenue. The map does not say how many of those vehicles are semis. A similar number of vehicles are crossing the bridge on their way out of the city.


According to a 2009 Traffic Flow Map, on an average day around 35,000 vehicles cross the bridge at Victoria and Coleman. (City of Regina)

Walter said he believes the size of trucks crossing the bridge has gone down, but added there was no way to know for sure unless they were weighed — something which is not being done.

"It's not like the bridge is in danger of immediate collapse," he said, but added that heavy traffic would cause further damage to the structure.

Police have weigh scales

Walter said if police wanted to check the weight of a truck, they have the equipment for that.

"They do have portable scales and if it continues being a problem with heavy trucks going over it, they can bring out the portable scales and enforce it," he said.

It was not known if Regina police were doing any enforcement program at the bridge.

Walter said the bridge, which spans Pilot Butte Creek, has been on a replacement list since 2001.

He said the weight restrictions will remain in place until the structure is either replaced or made stronger.

Meetings are taking place to determine the most feasible course of action.

With files from CBC's Tiffany Cassidy