Property owners around Crooked Lake and Round Lake, in the Qu'Appelle Valley, were dealt another blow on the weekend when a summer storm hit the area already reeling from flooding.

The Saturday downpour raised lake levels by another five centimetres.

"It was an insult to injury," Bryan Duckett, from Crooked Lake, told CBC News Monday. "[We're] keeping our fingers crossed the skies don't open up again."

With the lakes at never-before seen levels, the worry is that properties are vulnerable to even more damage.

"A deck can put a hole in the side of a house," Danny Ottenbriet said. "There's a critical level the lake needs to stay below so things don't get damaged."

crooked lake

A summer storm on the weekend only added to the water woes facing property owners on Crooked Lake. (Adrian Cheung/CBC)

On Monday, an official from the Water Security Agency said Crooked Lake and Round Lake were expected to drop about one metre in the next two weeks.

The supersaturated soil is also a problem for property owners. One home, at the base of a hill, was hit with a wall of mud following the storm.

"It's just like a tidal wave," Alvin Zorn told CBC News. "It washed right through from the other lot."

A road around Melville Beach was covered, in spots, with about 10 centimetres of muck from the slide.

As well, every time the wind kicks up wave action on the lake, it threatens to do more damage.

crooked lake

Water levels at Crooked Lake rose another five centimetres following a summer storm Saturday. (CBC)

Volunteers and local crews are adding more sandbags to combat the high water. The Red Cross also arrived on the weekend to establish a recovery centre to provide aid to people in the area.

With files from CBC's Adrian Cheung