Many Saskatchewan highways are not recommended for travel Sunday, as a drop in temperatures and blowing snow overnight have created difficult driving conditions. 

RCMP detachments across southeastern Saskatchewan reported weather was to blame for multiple collisions Saturday night, making it difficult for emergency responders to reach crash scenes. 

By Sunday, many parts of southeastern highways are not recommended for travel by the Saskatchewan Government Highway Hotline alert system, including many around Prince Albert, Saskatoon, Humboldt, Wynyard, Yorkton, Moose Jaw, Regina, and many more roadways to the east and south.

Officials warned against driving on parts of Highway 1 around Moose Jaw, Regina and the Manitoba border, as well as much of Highway 16 from the Manitoba border to near Saskatoon.

A portion of Highway 11 between Saskatoon and Regina was also not recommended for travel early Sunday.  

Reduced or zero visibility, swirling snow, snow drifts and slippery sections are common factors on many of the highways in the area. 

Police and Highway Hotline monitors are asking people to check on road conditions before travelling, as weather and highway conditions can change rapidly.