The water is expected to keep rising at Katepwa Lake for a few more days, the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority says. Some people are using canoes and kayaks to move sandbags around. (Jordan Jackle/CBC)

Property owners around flood-swollen Katewpa Lake east of Regina continue to sandbag, but the water levels keep rising.

It's forcing some people to be resourceful, using kayaks and canoes to move sandbags from place to place.

By the weekend, they may get a bit of a break, according to the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority. 

Katepwa Lake is expected to peak on Saturday or Sunday with the water about 15 centimetres higher than it is now.

That will put levels higher than the great flood of 1974, the agency said.

Meanwhile, the levels at Crooked and Round lakes continue to rise and are expected to reach a second peak in about a week, the provincial agency said Thursday.

For many of those who have properties on the Qu'Appelle lakes, a major concern is ice damage — because the water is so high and the ice is mobile, large chunks could slam into houses and cabins.

While levels are receding in some area, other river systems around Saskatchewan can expect more runoff for the next few weeks.

Fourteen Saskatchewan communities remain under a state of emergency, the Watershed Authority said.


The water at Katepwa Lake, already well above 1974 levels, is expected to keep rising another 15 centimetres. (Saskatchewan Watershed Authority)