Water Security Agency expects record Round Lake peak Sunday

While the province shifts focus to flood recovery, the Water Security Agency is keeping close watch on the Qu'Appelle chain of lakes in southeastern Saskatchewan. Round Lake is expected to peak at a record level over the weekend.

WSA monitors have shifted focus to Round Lake after Crooked Lake levels peaked, began decline

Lindsey Berthelet took this photo July 4, 2014 after four days of sandbagging around a friend's home at Round Lake. She said by the next afternoon, the water reached approximately halfway up the outside wall of sandbags. (Lindsey Berthelet)

Water Security Agency officials said they have shifted their focus to high water levels on Round Lake in a Saskatchewan flood update media conference Saturday morning. 

On Friday, nearby Crooked Lake was the major point of concern. An embankment at Pearl Creek gave way Friday afternoon, sending water through Highway 22 near Killaly, Sask. and into Crooked Lake. WSA officials predicted that excess water would cause the lake level to rise 11 cm. However, it only rose 4 cm according to the WSA.
Photo taken Jul. 4, 2014 at Round Lake near Currie Ave. (Tracy Hannant)

Still, the agency reported Crooked Lake peaked overnight and reached record levels set in 1955. The waters there began to recede this morning.

WSA officials called the area 'complex' and said they had never seen or dealt with this kind of situation before.

Crews also conducted a fly over of the area and learned the nearby rail lines have begun to deteriorate on the downstream side of Crooked Lake due to saturated soil.
This photo taken July 5, 2014 shows a flooded trailer at Grimeau Park on the northeastern bank of Round Lake. Grimeau Park is approximately 40 km from Esterhazy, Sask. (Kathy Tocher)

By Saturday morning, officials said they were watching Round Lake closely. Monitors say water has already reached record levels, and they expect it to mark a record-breaking peak by Sunday.

The previous record peak at Round lake was recorded in 1955 at 445.3 m. As of Saturday morning, the lake had reached 445.52 m. It's estimated to peak at approximately 445.6 m over the weekend. 

Qu'Appelle Basin Lake Levels
July 5, 2014
(6 a.m. CST)


Round Lake 445.52 m 445.6 m 442.4 m 445.3 m
 (in 1955)
Crooked Lake 454.4 m
 (in recession)
 454.4 m 451.7 m 454.4 m
 (in 1955)
Last Mountain Lake 491.43 m 491.5 m 490.2 m 492.1 m
 (in 1955)
Pasqua Lake
 479.7 m 479.8 m 479.1 m 481.0 m
 (in 2011)
Mission Lake
 478.95 m
 (in recession)
 479.1 m 478.3 m 479.6 m
 (in 2011)
Buffalo Pound Lake 509.98 m
 (in recession)
 509.96 m 509.4m 511.5 m
 (in 1977)

Source: Saskatchewan Water Security Agency