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The broken water system affecting Regina and Moose Jaw is back in operation, officials say.

People in the two cities were asked to cut back water use after the Buffalo Pound water treatment plant was shut down around 4 a.m. CST Thursday.

The problem was that some electrical equipment shorted out and needed to be replaced with parts from out-of-province.

The required parts arrived and were installed in the morning.


Regina was relying on water stored in reservoirs and well water. ((CBC))

Moose Jaw officials said the plant was started up again Friday morning. The plant started pumping water to the Moose Jaw reservoir at 10:30 a.m. and the Regina reservoirs by noon.

With the Buffalo Pound plant normally being the main water source for Regina, the city had to rely on water from its reservoirs and wells.

That supply was limited, so the city was asking people to cut back their water use and put off washing laundry.

While the city had hoped people would cut their water use by half, the 18 per cent reduction noted Thursday night was helpful, officials said.

The communities of Pense, Grand Coulee, Belle Plaine and Kronau are also on the Regina water system and were affected by the Buffalo Pound problem.

The City of Regina said some of the well water that came out the taps may have had a slightly different taste or colour, but is perfectly safe to drink.