People in Wadena, Sask., were without water Wednesday after a water main break near a local elementary school — and a number of other communities were experiencing similar problems.

The supply was shut off to the entire town, about 1,300 people, at about 9:30 a.m. CST.

Wadena is located about 210 kilometres east of Saskatoon. 

The Town of Wadena website states the water line broke close to the local elementary school. 

Breaks like these are becoming a common problem across the province as a bitterly cold winter is coming to an end. 

The town said the water may remain off for the entire day as crews work on repairs. 

There may also be a boil water advisory for 48 hours after the service is restored as a precaution.

In Moose Jaw, classes were cancelled at Sacred Heart School after a water main break and concerns were raised about possible unsafe ground conditions.

Meanwhile, the water in Assiniboia was restored Wednesday morning after being shut off overnight after a water main break. Town officials said that community will also remain under a precautionary boil water advisory.

Saskatchewan's two biggest cities have seen the most broken water mains this winter. 

Regina has experienced at least 58, while Saskatoon has seen 145 since Jan. 1.

The City of Saskatoon said the problem is particularly serious this year because of how deep the frost has penetrated on a colder-than-usual winter. On Wednesday, 22 homes were without water for that reason.

The city said on average it's taking four to seven days to get the water mains fixed.

The deep cold has also frozen the water pipes in many Regina homes. The City of Regina said some 30 homes there are without water for that reason.