For the first time in years there will be a controlled release of water into Crooked Lake, leading — hopefully — to a better recreational experience on the lake.

Provincial officials said Thursday that a water control structure on the lake in the Qu'Appelle Valley would be opened for the next few days.

"This operation will result in Crooked Lake rising back to its desirable level for recreational purposes," the province said in a release from its Water Security Agency. "Currently, the lake is at 451.45 metres above sea level (masl) and is expected to rise roughly a foot to 451.71 masl."

Water levels on the lake had been left to the force of nature because of a long-standing dispute with nearby First Nations, concerning flood claims.

The claims were recently settled and included an agreement to allow water control structures to be operated.


Crooked Lake should soon be up to a good level, for recreational uses. (Google)

"Settlement of the flood claims with the First Nations affected by the control structure at Crooked Lake have been completed," the province noted. "[This] allows the WSA [Water Security Agency] to operate the structure on behalf the federal government."