water main break

A small water fountain gushes up from the pavement due to a water main break in Prince Albert. Residents say it has been this way for several weeks. (Ryan Pilon/CBC)

Some residents of Prince Albert are unhappy with how their city is handling a broken water main which they say has been gushing water into the street for about a month.

Water is bubbling up through the pavement at 5th Avenue West and River Street.

"It's unacceptable, you know, the way the city is carrying on. And there's no excuse for it," John Emo, who lives near the small water fountain, told CBC News. "There should be a plan, like you know, a plan to handle water leaks.  It doesn't matter if there are 150 of them, you should have a plan in place to handle emergencies."

City officials issued a statement saying they are working on a plan to deal with the water main break.

According to the statement, the affected water main provides most of the water to Prince Albert's East Flat and West Flat areas and officials want to ensure residents have water while they fix the break.

"A remediation plan has been prepared to repair the pipe while still providing an adequate water supply to all residents in these areas," the statement said.

The repair work was expected to be underway after some testing of the city's water diversion plan, expected next week.

The city added that repair crews are dealing with a lot of breaks, following a harsh winter.

"The extreme cold last winter has put tremendous pressure on the underground infrastructure system," the city said. "The repair will have to wait until the other water main breaks are repaired, tested, returned to service and the system is operating at full capacity."

With files from CBC's Ryan Pilon