The City of Regina is looking at extending the deadline for the company which operates a wastewater treatment plant to complete a month-long stress test.

EPCOR, the Edmonton-based company which operates the facility, could be potentially on the hook to pay $25 million to the city if the test is not successfully completed. In that scenario, responsibility for running the plant would be handed back over to the city.

A report to the city's executive committee this week said the city faces no additional risk or cost by granting the extension, nor are utility rates in the city impacted. As things stand on paper right now, the 30-day stress test is supposed to be completed by Dec. 31.

"To date, EPCOR has not met the test, although it is possible that it may be successfully completed prior to the end of this year," the report states. 

A possible two-year extension was mentioned in the report. City council will have final say on granting the extension.