The Wascana Centre Authority maintains 930 hectares of parkland in Regina. ((John Weidlich/CBC))

Regina's biggest park, Wascana Centre, is getting a shot of much-needed cash.

The provincial cabinet voted Wednesday to give the Wascana Centre Authority an extra $150,000.

Regina city council, in its committee form, also decided to give an extra $150,000 to Wascana Centre after considering a report that said the park will "crumble" without more money to maintain it. That commitment will have to receive final approval at council later this month.

Explaining the government's contribution, Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport Minister Bill Hutchinson said it didn't want the park to have to cut back on services.

"I think [not having the extra money] might have an impact on their ability to maintain the landscaping, things of that nature, snow removal, those sorts of things that people do typically in preparing the park for the winter months," Hutchinson said.

With both the province and the City of Regina contributing extra money, there will be an extra $300,000 for Wascana Centre until the end of the fiscal year, which is March 31, 2011, Hutchinson said.

After that, Hutchinson said, the province will consider a longer-term strategy.

One of the city's main attractions, the Wascana Centre green space sprawls across 930 hectares.

It's maintained by the Wascana Centre Authority, which is funded not only by the province and the city, but also by University of Regina and from user fees collected from special events in the park.

The centre currently receives $5.6 million for its annual maintenance and operations. An administration report to city council says funding increases over the years have not kept pace with growing expenses.